ethics in ai report
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Ethics in AI Report

The ethical use of AI is becoming fundamental to winning people’s trust, a new study from the Capgemini Research Institute has found.

Companies using AI in an ethical way will be rewarded:

Among consumers surveyed, 62% said they would place higher trust in a company whose AI interactions they perceived as ethical; 61% said they would share positive experiences with friends and family, 59% said that they would have higher loyalty to the company, and 55% said that they would purchase more products and provide high ratings and positive feedback on social 

media. By contrast, when consumers’ AI interactions result in ethical issues, it threatens both reputation and the bottom line: 41% said they would complain in case an AI interaction resulted in ethical issues, 36% would 

demand an explanation and 34% would stop interacting with the company. 

Consumers, employees and citizens are worried about ethical concerns related to AI and want some form of regulation: Almost half of respondents (47%) believe they have experienced at least two types of uses of AI that resulted in ethical issues in the last 2-3 years. Most (74%) said they want more transparency when a service is powered by AI, and to know if AI is treating them fairly (72%). Over three quarters (76%) of consumers think there should be further regulation on how companies use AI.

Organizations are starting to realize the importance of ethical AI: 53% of executives consider that it is important to ensure that AI systems are ethical and transparent. Organizations are also taking concrete actions when ethical issues are raised. The research found that 41% of senior executives report to have abandoned an AI system altogether when an ethical issue had been raised.

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