Webinar SMART Workspace

Webinar SMART Workspace

What does it take to make your employees happy? And why does it matter? Quite simply, happy employees create happy customers. But it's not pay, recognition, or even vacation time that leads to a happy workplace; it's the ability for employees to get things done and to feel that they’re adding value by doing so efficiently and effectively.

Just creating a new working environment or social intranet is not the solution, however. Value needs to be continuously added. As HR, Operations, Marketing and IT professionals, your aim is to enable employees with new technology that moves them towards the goal of working (together) on different devices, at any time, from anywhere. Yet, all too often, technology is more of a distraction than an enabler, and it can leave employees feeling frustrated, confused, and unmotivated.

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Praktisk information

  • Dato: tordag 26. april 2018
  • Tid: 15:45 - 16:30
  • Sprog: engelsk
  • Deltagelse: Tilmelding
  • Sted: Webinar

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  • Mohamed Attazgharti
    Mohamed Attazgharti
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