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Testing is SAFe

Sushmitha Chejerla, Software Tester at DSB  | Bo Michael Vestergaard Dresler, Senior Test Manager at DSB | Jan Riis Sørensen, Advanced IT Test Manager at DSB

Testing is SAFe

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Implementing a new framework in an organization can be a real pain. In spite of this, DSB decided to implement SAFe to improve the collaboration between business and IT and to deliver customer value faster.  

In this session, we are sharing our stories from the perspective of software testers and test managers whom are a part of the implementation of SAFe.

The presentation will combine the experiences from a software tester who is placed in an agile team and from two test managers who are placed as shared services throughout the organization. 

  • "As a tester placed in agile team my role was quite clear, and I looked forward to it. We started learning and adopting some of the good techniques from SAFe and our team is happy about the results." 
  • "As a test manager, when the decision on transition to SAFe was made in DSB, the first thing I googled was "Test manager in SAFE" and the initial result was less than satisfying. At first glance, it seemed that Test Managers were soon to be extinct..."

3 key takeaways:

  • A basic overview of SAFe, as implemented at DSB and how test fits in.
  • How we adapted to the new challenges - remembering that test is always important.
  • Quality is built in! – but how? Teams are self-organizing, what does that mean for test.




Sushmitha Chejerla came from India and has been living in Denmark for the past 7 years. She is a DevOps certified software tester and a specialist in Leapwork Automation test tool. Currently, she is part of the SAFe release train, working in an agile team to achieve common goals.







Bo Michael Vestergaard Dresler
is currently working as a Senior Test Manger at DSB and responsible for test strategy for SAFe and waterfall. He is also responsible for test documentation in Jira. He has worked with testing since 2001 and almost exclusively as a Test Manager. He has working experience from working with startups like MindPass/Visanti to larger companies such as Bang & Olufsen and Siemens Wind power.






Jan Riis Sørensen
is currently working as an Advanced IT test manager at DSB and he has been working with test since 2007 and worked as a Testmanger at Sogeti and Danske Bank. His main aim is to ensure that quality is actually built in, and has key interests in exploratory testing, GUI  test automation and brewing beer.

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