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Live Demo: Automate without having to write code

Sune Engsig, Senior Product Evangelist at LEAPWORK

Live Demo: Automate without having to write code

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Experience how you can increase your productivity significantly by working effectively with test automation.

Do you have problems getting started with test automation in your company? When management wants faster market adaptation and IT wants to drive software releases by way of DevOps then there’s no other way but to automate. It does, however, require a solution that everybody on the QA team can take ownership of and benefit from.

LEAPWORK is the only software automation platform in the world which everyone can use from day one to train software robots and automate tests across technologies.

Participate in this live demonstration of LEAPWORK and witness automation in action.

We will demonstrate:

  • How you can automate functional tests across web and Windows applications without having to write code
  • How you can easily automate the same tests in virtual environments and in the cloud
  • How you can collaborate on test automation across teams and easily fit it into your release pipeline

Across the world and in all types of businesses, thousands of users are putting LEAPWORK robots to work to free up time for more of what they should be doing: Developing the business through better processes and quality management.





Sune Engsig has more than 20 years of experience with business- and process development as well as IT architecture for enterprise companies. Furthermore, he has extensive experience as project manager from the public sector and telecommunications. Sune is inspired by finding new ways to help companies expand their business with the help of technology.

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