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The Blurred Reality

Simon Lajboschitz, Co-founder & CEO hos Khora VR

The Blurred Reality

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Today we live in Sensory Reality with our physical bodies, living in a physical world. We increasingly depend on the internet, but because we can only access the internet through small windows (screens) the internet is not really yet considered a part of our sensory reality. This will change.

We imagine a future without these screens, where the Internet becomes a digital layer over the world and over human reality making us constantly live in a “Blurred Reality”. Mixed Reality (VR/AR) will be the new interface of the digital world allowing us to jump in and out of the internet. AI will be our personal assistant and curator of the content. It will always help us and we will rely on it just as we rely on our senses. IoT will make everything online, every object will be detected, and every person will be located – all the time. No person will ever go missing. No belongings will ever disappear. We might not even have to remember anything for ourselves anymore. Why should we? You can just store it and access the things you need when you want to. We seek to explore this vision of the world, how can we build it and make it good. 

In this presentation we will share how we through our unique journey, containing trials, testing and errors when creating virtual- and augmented worlds, are getting closer to understanding the new internet and the surprising meaningful use cases.

3 key takeaways

  • A futuristic insight into the Virtual & Augmented Reality landscape
  • A new perspective on how testing and troubleshooting is handled in a creative environment
  • Inspiration on how to think, create an reflect upon these emerging technologies





Simon Lajboschitz has a BA in Philosophy and Masters in Business. Founded Khora Aps with Peter Fisher to explore the potential of VR and AR. After 3 years of exploring, Khora have produced +140 VR, AR, 360 productions for B2B partners and facilitated +700 workshops for businesses seeking to explore the potential. Keynote speaker, Futurist, Pingpong player. Earlier Co-Founded Absalon, community center with communal dinners, lots of activities and pingpong. Also worked at Tiger (now Flying Tiger) with the expansion of shops into Japan and US as well as overall Brand Strategy for all +500 shops.

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