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Secret Ingredient for Automation Success – Page Object Model (POM)

Matthew Manickakumar, Test automation specialist at Capgemini Denmark

Secret Ingredient for Automation Success – Page Object Model (POM)

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Modern responsive web and mobile application are quick to build, attractive and user friendly. This brings greater challenges for the test automation engineer working with open source automation tools.

World Quality Report points out that 61% of test automation engineers find it difficult to adapt and embrace the frequent changes in the front end.

A seasoned automation engineer knows that the art of keeping your script robust against the ever-changing front end, is via POM.

This micro course shares tips and practical insights into building your own POM which could be used in industry recognized automation tools.




Matthew Manickakumar is test automation practitioner with over 13 year of experience working with commercial and open source tools. He has been an advising consultant for our customers to improve and increase their test coverage. Addressing their testing need in high demanding business areas and has successfully implemented the solution. He is also involved in-house products, framework development and has been regular speaker in our testing conferences.

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