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Forget yesterday’s technology and redesign your test automation strategy

Jochem Feekes, Business Consultant at Parasoft

Forget yesterday’s technology and redesign your test automation strategy

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In a world of self-driving cars and smart homes, technology is rapidly evolving. But the adoption of test automation is moving at a snail’s pace. What can we do to make this better?

Imagine you had a blank canvas and you could forget all of the legacy technology you have to deal with. How would your strategy look? What tools are available to you? 

During this presentation, Jochem Feekes will share insights into his experiences gained from various implementations, and how to proactively design a successful strategy for test automation. 

Key takeaways from this presentation:

  • Lessons learned designing a successful test automation strategy
  • What tooling can support you in achieving your desired strategy
  • What you can learn from other organizations in test automation




Jochem Feekes is a business consultant with a positive energy and huge interest in Testing, Automated Testing, CI/CD. Helping organizations realize business value through their testing & quality efforts is what Jochem enjoys doing. After working as a consultant for Capgemini and experiencing different roles he came to Parasoft to focus on Service Virtualization and API testing. In his free time he enjoys dancing Lindy Hop, climbing and after renovating his 1911 home you can also reach out to him for construction tips ;-)

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