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Forgetting yesterday's technology; let's redesign strategy

Jochem Feekes, Account Manager @ Parasoft

Forgetting yesterday's technology; let's redesign strategy

Tilbage til programoversigt
Tilbage til taleroversigt

In a world with self-driving cars and smart homes, technology is rapidly evolving, but the adoption of test automation is moving at a snail’s pace. What can we do to make this better? In this presentation you will learn how technologies can be applied toward test automation in a practical way.



Jochem Feekes takes organizations to the next level by bringing people together. Driven by empowering people to realize their greatest potential, he works to propel teams and organizations forward fostering collaboration and empathy.

By connecting people and increasing collective engagement and ownership he helps groups to prosper and deliver extraordinary results. Jochem brings clarity and direction to the groups and organizations he collaborates with. You will find him most invigorated when his contributions have paved the way for organization’s success, especially when that effort results in a strong and engaged community.

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