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The Dark Side of Automation

Jan Jaap Cannegieter, Principal Consultant at Squerist | Derk-Jan de Grood, Senior Test Manager & Agile Transformation Coach at Valori

The Dark Side of Automation

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Nicolas Carr told us in his book 'The glass cage' that the introduction of automation decreases the craftsmanship of the process that is automated. This is also true for testing; with the introduction of test automation the quality of testing (coverage, debt and insight) decreases in a lot of organizations. In this tutorial we will share experiences (including some test code) and offer a solution for this.

First we will explain the five most common misunderstandings when it comes to test automation. The different misunderstandings will then be explained using examples and experiences.

We will then do a short online readiness test: is your project or organization ready for test automation? And what can we learn from those who have these requirements in place?

In the last part of the presentation we will show that there is an alternative for the dark side, we will describe what it takes to introduce test automation in the right way. Diversity of knowledge and skills is what it comes down to.




Jan Jaap Cannegieter has 25 years of experience in ICT, he did assignments in testing, quality assurance, process improvement, requirements, Agile, digitalization and requirements. Jan Jaap is now Principal Consultant at Squerist, a consultancy company of 100 employees specialized in process management and testing. He does different test related consultancy assignments at different organizations. Within Squerist Jan Jaap is responsible for coaching, knowledge management and product development. Jan Jaap is the well-known author of several articles and books in the Netherlands.






Derk-Jan de Grood works for Valori as senior test manager and agile transition coach. As consultant he helps originations with their Agile Transformation and embedding quality.

He wrote several successful books on software testing and frequently publishes articles and columns for the major magazines. In 2014 he won the EuroSTAR testing excellence award. In 2016 he published a new book: Agile in the real world, starting with Scrum.

He is an experienced trainer, workshop host and a regular speaker at conference like Testing Uruguay, the Seoul Testing Conference, EXPO:QA, and the Agile Testing Days and STAR conferences in Europe and America. On his own blog he shares his knowledge and experience for everyone to benefit.

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