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Seize the future: Put the robots to work

Claus Topholt, CTO & Founder at LEAPWORK

Seize the future: Put the robots to work

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Don’t miss out when LEAPWORK founder Claus Topholt presents his mind-blowing contribution to how robots are changing the way we all work together on a global scale, the impact of artificial intelligence, and how you can gain a competitive edge by taking ownership of automation.

At LEAPWORK, we refuse to simply accept the fact that most computer work has to be boring. At companies all over, the ever-growing pile of repetitive tasks saps employee motivation and slows down teams and entire departments.

At this session, we also break with the notion that a digital workforce will come and replace us human beings. Instead, we believe we can take back control of our work life with robotics ownership and: #WorkBetterTogether.

3 key takeaways

  • How to gain substantial competitive advantages by taking ownership over test automation
  • Why it is essential to eliminate the technical mumbo-jumbo and focus on business objectives to achieve success with automation
  • LEAPWORK’s product roadmap for the next twelve months, including a few exclusive preview



Claus Topholt
is CTO and co-founder of LEAPWORK. He has created the intelligent software and the visual language behind LEAPWORK. He is also founder of the renowned IT company ProActive. With more than 20 years of experience as IT Architect, he has developed and delivered business critical systems to many different companies, especially within IT and Finance. Claus is driven by a mission to employ technology to solve productivity problems in companies across the world. On a daily basis, he is responsible for LEAPWORK’s product roadmap.

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