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"Scaling agile with SAFe, Build in Quality in SimCorp" | Søren Grubov, SimCorp

Testing is heavily impacted by a transformation from waterfall to Agile. In SimCorp we have been releasing software successfully using the waterfall model for many years. But narrow internal system design for processes and procedures, limited innovation and improvements in the development organization. We decided to transform to Agile, and use SAFe as the guidance for our agile implementation.

We are now 18 months into the transformation and have a new organization structure with 500 people working agile. New roles and responsibilities and almost every process impacted by the transformation. Testing is one of the areas heavily impacted by the transformation, and our testers and developers are still catching up on the skills required to build in quality with SAFe.

In this presentation, Søren will walk through the SimCorp journey to implement SAFe and highlight the challenges within test.


"Den næste generation af testere" | Lars Bogetoft og Tine Marbjerg, CPH Business

Nyuddannede inden for IT har sjældent haft særlig meget om test under deres uddannelse.  Kvalitetssikring er typisk gemt lidt væk i fag som programmering, databaser og systemudviklingsmetoder og bliver i kampens hede ofte lidt klemt og glemt. Det lyder nok genkendeligt fra mange IT projekter.

Unge IT studerende arbejder i dag naturligt i agile projekter. De ved, at det er vigtigt med løbende kundekontakt, de er gode til at afprøve nye teknologier og er generelt meget adrætte. De ved også godt, at test er vigtigt, fordi NOGEN har fortalt dem det.  Men mange af dem synes, at test er kedeligt og på mange måder en svær tilgængelig opgave.

På de danske erhvervsakademier har vi taget kampen op. På professionsbacheloruddannelsen inden for softwareudvikling har vi et helt fag kun med test. Her forsøger vi at bygge bro mellem den testviden, som udgør grundfundamentet (ISTQB pensum) og det, som unge softwarestuderende elsker og har gode forudsætninger inden for: teknologier og automatisering.

En ny teknisk testprofil bliver nu skabt i uddannelsessystemet, og flere af vores studerende begynder at se det som en interessant karrierevej.


"CD in a Box: Deploy and Destroy Test Environments" | Björn Gullberg, Parasoft 

Continuous integration and delivery makes early and fast testing mission-critical for a lot of organizations. However, test execution is blocked by application dependencies being unavailable, not having the right amount of test data or otherwise being access-restricted.

Service virtualization is an approach that can be used to create, deploy and exercise virtual assets that your test team has full control over.

Now, by combining service virtualization with container and cloud technology, like Docker and Azure, development teams can create, share, use and destroy test environments on-demand,

in seconds.  It allows easy integration into continuous integration and delivery pipelines, enabling teams to regain full control over their test environments and the testing process.


"Leaptest is innovating test automation" | Claus Topholt, Leaptest 

Testers and programmers both play a crucial role in software development, much like plumbers and electricians both play a crucial role in building a house. The fact that automated testing requires programming today is atools issue -- one that Leaptest is focused on solving.

In this presentation, we'll talk about the design principles behind Leaptest and show a live demo of how non-programmers can quickly learn how to build test automation cases using building blocks that are powered by advanced image and text recognition as well as Selenium.


"The Evolving Role of The Tester" | Rochus Gorkink, Capgemini Sogeti

As organizations are embracing new technologies, processes and business models, they are increasingly looking for employees who are willing to collaborate and think in a synergistic way, to make changes happen. Rapid adaptation of agile methodologies requires testers to up- and cross-skill themselves and adopt additional skills like Business and domain knowledge alongside other IT / technical skills as well as “soft skills” which are becoming progressively important.

Rochus Gorkink will outline the future shape of the tester, by highlighting the journey needed to bring the tester to a future state of readiness.

Furthermore, you will get insight into analyzing your own readiness for the journey to becoming a T-shaped Tester.


"Continuous Delivery of Insights" | Javier Moscardó, Spotify

How can we be better at testing? You can have a reactive approach where you work to find bugs and you can be good at that. This is about bug prevention and how having a proactive approach and relying on test automation is a key to become better at quality.

We want to have a shorter feedback loop, where we can test a concept fast and learn fast while we make things right.

In Spotify, we are moving testers upstream in the release cycle. We have Quality roles already testing designs and concepts, doing risk analysis because asking simple questions like “How do we test it?” can mitigate the risk of bugs appearing in the final result. You don’t need to wait until you have a product in your hands to verify it is working.

Developers are writing code and as owners of their code they are owners of its quality. Having developers testing, writing automated tests and organizing test sessions increase the confidence level about this is going to work. What are QA - Quality Assistances - doing here? Facilitating those sessions.

We have increased our speed and confidence by integrating QA into each of the processes like design, planning, development, etc., test automation infrastructure and mindset. Now we want to share this journey and our learnings.

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