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"#GameChangingBeliefs" | Morten Elvang, Nordea 

How can you create an organization where succeeding with Agile is possible? Are there things you could choose to believe in, that would actually push your luck in a favourable direction? Does it make sense to think like this? And if so, what should you then chose to believe in?

This interactive talk argues in the favour of this and offers practical examples of what such beliefs could be.



"GDPR compliance - er du klar?" | Thorsten Kranz, Danfoss

Mange i IT branchen står over for udfordringen vedr. data og håndtering af data i forbindelse med IT udvikling og test.

Området har været relevant i lang tid og er bestemt ikke blevet mindre interessant i lyset af den nye europæiske databeskyttelseslov; General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), som træder i kraft næste år.

Med udgangspunkt i erfaringerne hos Danfoss, vil Thorsten Kranz fortælle om betydningen af den nye lov for virksomheden, de IT-mæssige konsekvenser, samt hvordan man har påbegyndt opgaven med at blive klar til 2018.


"Test Automation For DevOps" | Jan De Coster, Micro Focus

“DevOps” is a quite popular paradigm these days as an overarching concept in our journeys to optimize the process of software delivery. It touches on many subdomains and obviously testing is an important part of that.

As development teams are implementing continuous delivery mechanisms, testers are also facing challenges of changes introduced at an increasing speed and concepts as continuous testing are explored to respond to this new reality…  Automation is key in this context!

Join this session to learn more about what technology Micro Focus can offer to help you realize your overall DevOps journey. Then we will zoom in on how testing can be integrated as part of your continuous delivery chain. Why test automation is crucial and how commercial and open-source tools like Selenium can be leveraged together to speed-up the testing process.


"Unlocking the power of Agile and DevOps through Intelligent Automation" | Remco Kwinkelenberg, Worksoft

Today’s Agile and DevOps methodologies place increased pressure on IT teams. How can they support the dynamic and collaborative nature of these approaches while still delivering the quality levels that your business demands?

Worksoft’s Remco Kwinkelenberg will detail how intelligent test automation is critical if organisations are to capitalise on the ‘integrate early, integrate often’ approach of Agile and DevOps. He will also outline how, by starting testing much earlier in the project lifecycle, IT teams can eliminate their QA backlog and roll out new releases faster – effectively helping them to apply the Agile principle to larger and more complex deployments.

There is a clear correlation between more Agile/ DevOps projects and the need for increased automation. Hear from Worksoft’s, Remco Kwinkelenberg, how many aspects of testing are still done manually, but unless automation is used, it will never be possible to fully work in an Agile or DevOps manner.


"Application Security Testing" | Declan O´riordan, Testing IT

A new approach to Application Security has arrived that turns our traditional testing model inside-out. Now we can integrate security tools with the code and components inside applications. Instead of scanning and probing an application from the outside, we can make security attributes report out to us from inside the application itself. Security becomes part of the code and operates in continuous real-time.

Here Declan O’Riordan tells the story of the first UK implementation of Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST). It was the joint winner (with Zeger Van Hese) of the ‘Best Paper’ award at EuroSTAR 2016 in Stockholm.



"The 4 Radical Changes Due to DevOps for Testing - ING Bank" | Andreas Prins, Idee tot IT

DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes.

Andreas will demonstrate 4 crucial foundations that drive change at ING Bank - both in order to give insight, but also in order to help implementing it yourselves.

  1. How manual testing will be reduced to zero, with continuous delivery
  2. How the testing expert can go home if everyone takes responsibility
  3. How chain-testing is no longer needed, due to simple architecture
  4. How coordination and plans transform in conversations and metrics

Andreas will close the talk by giving you a glimpse at how organizations at scale, can transform with some practical instruments.

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