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Test Data Management Seminar

On September 26th and September 27th we will be participating at DATPROF´s seminar in Copenhagen and Aarhus where Erik Haahr will be presenting "Test Data Management Bottlenecks".

Test Data Management Bottlenecks
Erik Haahr, Managing Consultant

Multiple trends are pushing Test Data Management and we have to change and adapt the way we work with this data.

Firstly we will describe the trends that are affecting Test Data Management and then we will focus on the different dimensions influencing how Test Data Management is best conducted, as well as the decisions you need to take in the process.

In the end we will reveal the first draft framework for a Test Data Management Maturity Model.

  • You can sign up for the seminar in Copenhagen here (26. september)
  • You can sign up for the seminar in Aarhus here (27. september)

About the seminar

Nowadays we want a faster delivery and a better quality of software in an even more complex world than 5 years ago. With trends like DevOps, Agile, Scrum, Test Automation and continuous testing we strive to create such a world. But still we aren’t able to control everything… yet. We still haven’t gotten in control of our test data!

No control means we don’t know if a bug or fault is related to the data or the code. So how can we build an application? But Imagine if we are in control of the test data. What impact would this have? This would be enormous. You are finally able to control the build pipeline, the test reports show real software quality bugs or improvements.

During this free seminar we show you what happens when you are in control of your test data! How you get control of your test data and how you are able to automate it.

3 key takeaways:

  • The impact of being in control of your test data is crucial for faster software development
  • Getting in control of the build process of software
  • How can test data be managed by the software quality and dev teams?

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