Quality Summit - Customer Satisfaction - The Art of Quality

To achieve customer satisfaction, you need to master the art of quality!

Why quality matters in customer satisfaction

The digital shift is disrupting our current IT landscapes as well as our business models. As a result we need to rewire our IT systems, redesign how we approach our customers and ensure satisfied customers.

Whilst many organization are focused on implementing new digital technologies and supporting processes, ensuring that these technologies are cost-effectively implemented and maintained, and that they deliver the expected customer satisfaction is often neglected 

The Art of Quality and Quality Management is more than testing the software, it is a fundamental pillar in achieving customer satisfaction in the Digital Age. It addresses not only the product or service, but the underlying processes in creating, assuring, controlling and improving the products or services. It requires clearly defined quality-ensuring and quality-creating activities through the entire lifecycle of an IT project.

Quality Assurance anno 2018 requires a broad range of activities; understanding your client/user and the journey they are on, reshaping your QA organization to become more customer-centric, aligning processes across the entire organization, training of personnel and proper documentation – all of which will ensure a higher quality and ultimately lead to an increased customer satisfaction.

To achieve customer satisfaction, you need to master the art of quality!




Opening Remarks by

Michael Clausen, Head of DAnT 


How the Quality Landscape Affects Customer Satisfaction

Simon Cowell, Head Analyst of Gartner QA


Break & Networking


Driving Quality in LEGO Digital Experiences as a Competitive Advantage

Trine Balle Jensen, Head of LEGO Digital Quality


Mature IT Service Orchestration is the key to Customer Satisfaction

Ulrik Jørgensen, Novo Nordisk


Lunch & Networking


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Break & Networking


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Peter Hundborg, ARLA


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Michiel Boreel, Group CTO


Closing Remarks by

Michael Clausen, Head of DAnT


Drinks & Exhibition




About Quality Summit
Quality Summit gathers IT and QA Leaders with interest in Quality Assurance in IT & business processes. The conference curates leading edge practices, trends and innovation within the field and looks at how organizations and thought leaders shape the way of business-focused QA. It gives ample opportunity to meet peers and to participate in open-minded discussions on ambitions, goals, challenges and solutions.

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