Trine balle Jensen
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Driving Quality in LEGO Digital Experiences as a Competitive Advantage

Trine Balle Jensen, Head of Digital Quality at LEGO

Trine Balle Jensen is a seasoned global digital leader. During her 11 years with the LEGO Group, Trine has taken on a large variety of strategic roles throughout the digital product value chain.

Raising quality awareness and being a preserver of (one of the core) LEGO values and the LEGO culture is by far the most important one for her.  Quality Play is a result of quality work carried out by motivated and skilled individuals. Trine is driven by enabling her colleagues to deliver consistent quality work in a healthy and fun environment where they learn from each other and where they can experiment and grow.


Driving Quality in LEGO Digital Experiences as a Competitive Advantage.

LEGO is one of the most powerful brands in the world and LEGO products are symbols of quality. LEGO is on an important mission to inspire the Builders of tomorrow. The children of tomorrow are digital and to meet the kids where they are – in the digital space - the LEGO product portfolio is undergoing substantial digital transformation. 

To sustain and further build on quality as a competitive advantage, LEGO must deliver digital experiences to the same quality standards as with their physical products. The way to get there, however, is very different.

The Digital Quality Department was recently established with the purpose to define and implement a proactive, data-driven approach to digital quality assurance. As the new faces of Corporate Quality, the team's primary task is to outline a LEGO Digital Quality Safeguarding Framework to build a common understanding of what good premium digital quality is. 

Known for years as the company’s firefighters and bug hunters, the new strategic quality advisor role is rapidly changing the perception of quality assurance. The new heroes have replaced the uncomfortable firefighting uniform with a business suit and aim to drive quality as an important lever for innovation and growth.

In her speak, Head of LEGO Digital Quality, Trine Balle will address:

  • How LEGO is redefining the product development process to increase speed and agility.
  • How LEGO proactively drives quality as a lever for innovation.
  • How LEGO is defining a common quality frame of reference and introducing a Product Health Score.

How the team is dealing with the massive change management undertaking in their mission to get the organization to adopt the new ways of assuring and safeguarding digital quality.

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