Peter Hundborg
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All-in on Agile Transformation to Improve Speed And Quality

Peter Hundborg, Senior Director at Arla

Peter Hundborg is responsible for all development of IT solutions in Arla ranging from control/monitoring of production machinery over SAP to webshops and apps.

Currently driving a total transformation of IT development to increase value creation and quality applying SAFe, Scrum and Design Thinking combined with a lean startup mindset.

Previous leading a large transformation program in KMD aiming to improve all aspects of performance by combining lean and agile ways of work with data driven performance management. Before that responsible for large development programs at Systematic combining CMMI and agile ways of working.



All-in on Agile Transformation to Improve Speed And Quality 

Get insight into a journey from chaos to speedy delivery of high quality IT solutions. During the last four years Arla IT have been through a total transformation of how to deliver new IT solutions to support the business need of higher speed without comprise stabile daily operations.

The transformation has included introduction of a traditional project model, KPIs, SAFe, Scrum and Design Thinking and at the same time several major organizational changes and insourcing of key roles to support the transformation.

The key to the success of the transformation has been the right people with the right mindset.

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