Michael Clausen

Closing Remarks

Michael Clausen, Head of Digital Assurance & Testing at Capgemini Sogeti

Michael Clausen has 15 years of experience within quality assurance of IT systems. The experience is obtained through many years of quality assurance roles within the Life Science industry spanning quality assurance of software, code, platforms, databases, architectures, infrastructure, hardware etc. A technical background have helped Michael add value especially positioned in between a challenging triangle of legislation, local QMS and technology. The last 5 years Michael has been leading and building and growing quality assurance departments delivering high-end quality assurance to a variety of clients.

Being able to combine knowledge from different platforms helping drive a higher qualitative output, whether its lower amount of defects, faster to market, compliance against legislations or user experiences, has been the main driver of Michaels interest for quality assurance through his career. Looking ahead the changing technology and the advances in technology is going to be the main driver for a fast paced digital transformation in many organizations, including quality assurance areas across companies worldwide. New ways of thinking and looking at how to obtain high quality outputs is changing at the speed of light. AI, machine learning, digital happiness, ethical quality assurance etc all drive a different mindset and a changed mindset of what high quality outputs are and how to achieve it.


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