Meet Henrik Mogensen
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There is More to Quality Than Just Product Quality

Henrik Mørck Mogensen, Senior Vice President, Electricity Division and Technology Software at Kamstrup A/S

Henrik Mørck Mogensen is responsible for the Kamstrup Electricity Business. The Kamstrup Electricity business is supporting Electricity Utilities internationally with the transformation of the electricity grid to incorporate renewable energy sources and flexible demand. Kamstrup is supporting its customers with a broad portfolio of electricity meters, communications infrastructure, back end IT systems and cloud based advanced analytics solution combined with a comprehensive service catalog ranging from field service to hosting and daily operations. Additionally Henrik is heading the Kamstrup software development, a team of approximately 150 highly skilled people, delivery software solution to all of Kamstrups Business Units.

Henrik has worked for Kamstrup for the last 8 years driving the change of the Kamstrup business from a product oriented business and organization to a full scope solution and service provider both as a business leader and as a technology supplier.

There is More to Quality Than Just Product Quality.

The customer is the ultimate judge of poor vs excellent quality – But what is the determining factor? Get a broader view of how Kamstrup is working with meeting customer expectations and building its quality brand.

Kamstrup is on a journey to become a full service and solution provider. This journey has forced Kamstrup to revisit its perception and scope of quality. Suddenly product quality isn’t enough to meet the expectations of our customers. Get insight in to the learnings and reflections from working with managing and delivering quality in the entire customer journey all the way from first contact to end of engagement.

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