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Quality improves Customer Experience and Accelerates Digital Transformation

Keynote speaker: Enza Iannopollo, Senior Analyst at Forrester


Enza Iannopollo is a senior analyst on the Security & Risk team and a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E). Enza helps organizations worldwide design and execute strategies that leverage privacy to drive differentiation in the marketplace. Her research focuses on the impact of internet regulations and data privacy issues on digital business models as well as the technologies that underpin them. Her research coverage includes data protection, privacy in the context of cloud computing, analytics, and the internet of things. Enza speaks regularly at national and international executive conferences and her research is often quoted in the media, including The Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

Prior to joining the Security & Risk team, Enza was a researcher on the CIO team; before that, she was a research associate on the BT Futures team. She collaborated on a variety of research reports, covering cloud computing, analytics, smart cities, and connected business. She has also delivered Webinars and presentations to clients.

Quality improves Customer Experience and Accelerates Digital Transformation 

Forrester points out that three-quarters of the global enterprises are either exploring or already in the process of embarking on a digital transformation journey. The primary goal of a digital transformation is to improve customer experience, gain new clients and retain those already existing. Further objectives are to cut costs, have continuous improvement of processes and enable a faster software delivery model.

For modern organizations engaged in a digital transformation, use of Agile and DevOps frameworks is making it possible to obtain a healthier and more stable digital service as well as an improved customer experience. Quality assurance and testing in this context are key success factors for ensuring a smooth and successful digital transformation.

The presentation will among other things, discuss the following:

  • For digital, it’s not just speed, but “quality-at-speed” that matters.
  • Why you need Agile + DevOps together with Testing to make it all happen.
  • How QA capabilities (people, process, technologies) are changing, to deliver quality-at-speed.
  • Tackling customer experience testing as part of “quality-at-speed” - fact or myth?

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