Michael Clausen
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Opening Remarks

Michael Clausen, Head of Digital Assurance & Testing at Capgemini Sogeti and Claes Kongsdam, Chief Sales Officer at Capgemini Sogeti

Claes Kongsdam has 20 years of leadership experience from IT service & software industries within sales, business development and operations. His true commitment is bringing quality and value to clients - and meaning to employees - through strategic and visionary collaboration. This passion is practiced in the space of solution selling on digital transformation & optimization programs, outsourcing and other efficiency initiatives. He engages with companies where technological possibilities are seen as enablers to reply on market demands and drive their business ambitions forward.

With a customer success mindset it is his responsibility to help joint teams succeed by not just delivering on agreed IT services, but more so beforehand by challenging their approach and emphasize the importance of connecting technology enablers and IT services with talent management and organizational readiness. Results are made by people, not technology itself.

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