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TDD workshop

Strengthen your software development skills with a workshop in Test Driven Development (TDD). TDD is a design method to make your code more reliable, simple, easier to understand and to have fewer defects - because a good design is a tested and validated design.

What the course will give you

  • With TDD you will be prepared to take over code from other developers, and easily modify, optimize, or clean the code. TDD will give you documented security, that your changes won’t destroy known functionality or reintroduce known bugs
  • The workshop takes you through the main topics of TDD but does not focus on any specific programming language, framework or unit-testing tool
  • You will be able to immerse yourself in TDD with the programming languages that match your professionalism, whether you are Java, C #, Python, Scala etc.

Target audience and requirements 

This workshop differentiate from other TDD courses, by giving you the opportunity to bring your own programming language, framework, and other tools, therefore making TDD more relevant to you. If you wish to bring your code to the next level, then this workshop is for you.

Learning form

The workshop contains theoretical walkthroughs and practical exercises, which will be completed in groups. The workshop-instructor will relate theory to real-life situations. The educational material is in English.


The workshop lasts two days.  


There is no exam at this course, however the exercises are completed, discussed and assessed in plenum.


Day 1

  • Introduction to TDD
    • What value do you create with TDD (debugging, repositories and branching)
    • The TDD process (The three laws of TDD)
    • The TDD principples (incl. what is ”Red, Green and Refactor”?)
    • How TDD guides the software development
  • Introduction to Unit Testing 
    • What is a good framework
    • Types of Unit-Testing
    • The Unit-Test principles

Day 2

  • Recap from day 1
  • How to deal with the challenges in TDD
    • Mock types (Dummies, Fakes, Stubs, Mocks)
    • Frameworks, databases, random funktionality async calls, legacy etc.
    • When not to use TDD
  • Short introduction to Test Design Techniques
    • How to design a good test
    • Boundary-value analysis
    • Visualization of scenarios
    • The positive, negative, unexpected and unknowable 
    • Short introduction to user stories
  • Maintainability of TDD
    • How to use TDD to improve your documentation 
    • Risk assessment
    • Brief introduction to clean architecture
    • TDD and larger changes
    • How Behavior Driven Development can empower TDD
  • Retrospective


The price includes a course folder with materials, a light breakfast, lunch buffet, snacks / cake, freshly brewed coffee and tea as well as water.

Kr. 9,000 excl. VAT


We have currently no open registration for "TDD workshop in English". However if you have questions related to the content of the course or wish to be contacted regarding participation please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you.

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