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“Machine Intelligence” – a series of reports on the next big thing

SogetiLabs continues its research on technology-driven trends, launching a new series of reports on the topic of Machine Intelligence.

Paris, France, 14 December, 2015 – The sixtieth anniversary of Artificial Intelligence (AI), nowadays referred to as Machine Intelligence, will take place in 2016. Many things have changed since the concept of AI was first launched. Following two winter periods and too many high expectations, the situation is finally clear: anyone who wishes so can start with machine intelligence tomorrow.

Machine IntelligenceAfter Mobile, Big Data and the Internet of Things, Machine Intelligence (MI) is The Next Big Thing. Machine Intelligence is the accelerator of these predecessors. With an impending breakthrough of Machine Intelligence, the interesting question is what change that will bring. In a series of reports on MI, Sogeti’s trend watchers explore the potential impact, starting with a first report giving an executive introduction to Machine Intelligence, followed by three additional reports.

Healthcare, industry, agriculture, advertising companies, security, so basically any sector, can all benefit from the MI framework and this will lead to serious “rethinking”. How did we use to do this in the past, and what is possible today? How will computers be able to assist – or even outpace, as you please – humans even more in the coming years? In our series of reports we dive into all these topics”, commented Menno van Doorn, Director within SogetiLabs and continued:

It is no coincidence that we are now putting this old issue high on the IT-agenda. There are two simple explanations. First of all, there is a break-through in the field of the hardware. Brain inspired neuromorphic chips will make our phones hyper-smart for instance. The present high computing power means that the concepts from the past will now shape the future. The second explanation for the excitement has to do with the availability of Big Data. That is crucial, because Big Data is the sine qua non for the artificial brain. Therefore, the self-learning capabilities of intelligent machines could only start to develop the last few years”.

Dreams coming true
The technological possibilities that present themselves are new. The non-routine tasks, especially in the more “uncontrolled environments”, are the new IT hunting grounds. Also thanks to the core technologies of the Machine Intelligence landscape outlined in the report, it is possible that computers enter these new areas. In particular, computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing and natural language generation, enables computers to better support human tasks or automate them completely. Computers learn to understand ordinary human language, decipher images and talk in ordinary human language.

Cars that recognize a pedestrian and then take appropriate action, is just one of the amazing capabilities of modern computers. The diagnosis of a disease or providing legal advice based on all existing jurisprudence, is just another astonishing accomplishment of Machine Intelligence. We are getting to a point where the founders of Artificial Intelligence have dreamed of for years. We will see clearly what new tasks computers can take over from humans. And while the man-machine balance is shifting, we will also see the rise of fear for these new technologies”, ended Menno van Doorn.

A four-series report on MI
After the first executive introduction to MI, the SogetiLabs series of reports will dive into the following topics: The rise of the Personal Digital Assistant; moving from apps to cogs (cognitive systems), Persuasive Technologies; influencing behavior through machines and finally Corporate IQ and the Anatomy of fear of AI.

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