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Read below how Capgemini supported CBS Case Competition in making succes with Salesforce!

The Situation

CBS Case Competition is an annual undergraduate case competition for 12 selected international universities represented by teams of students, who solve a real-life business challenge. The organization behind is a non-profit organization run by students at Copenhagen Business

A part of the preparation for the competition is to get funding for the event by entering into different corporate partnerships. This process of obtaining and managing corporate partners used to be heavily dependent on documentation from prior members of the organizing committee and excel sheets. The Board of Directors was aware
that this approach caused some knowledge to be lost during shifts between members of the organizing committee. Therefore, CBS Case Competition had a wish to implement Salesforce in order to get better insight into stakeholder management, control of partner activities and gain a higher level of cooperation between the three main groups within the organization working with partner relations. The choice became Salesforce because it was important to have a standard CRM solution that was easy to approach but also was highly customizable with great focus on knowledge sharing.

In line with the spirit of CBS Case Competition Capgemini Denmark gave free consulting assistance to implement Salesforce and helped CBS Case Competition with the transformation from excel sheets to Salesforce, which allowed for a much more flexible approach to partner relations and obtaining funding.

The Solution

The choice of Salesforce meant that CBS Case Competition got a new platform with all the core CRM features but with a range of options to embrace mobile, social and other platform integrations.  It was a requirement that the solution was mobile enabled and accessible through the Salesforce1 app. Having quick access to data and the possibility to do updates “on the go” was essential for CBS Case Competition as all users are volunteering for their purpose – hence a lot of work is carried out at all hours and different places.

Capgemini Denmark provided a tailored solution to support partner development as well as project and sub-project control for the annual case competition for 15-20 users. Reports give CBS Case Competition the top view of their progress that they need. Tracking of activities and communication with contacts ensures that all users no matter their business function are aware of progress with a partner or project.  Hence a solution that is highly flexible, easy to maintain while at the same time greatly scalable.

The result

CBS Case Competition’s contact management has moved from excel sheets and word documents to a cloud-base solution that increases cross-functional insight into partner relations and project progress anywhere and anytime. The flexible setup aims for high usability and improved knowledge sharing. And with a high member turnover this proves to be particular important outcome of the solution.

With the great reporting possibilities CBS Case Competition sees immense possibilities for the different business functions to stay on top of progress on funding, project status etc. But it also provides them with a quick and easy way to report back to the Board of Directors.

In short, it is expected that handover between organizing committees will with the Salesforce solution become smoother and painless. Salesforce will give the new organizing committee a structured overview to previous case competitions as well as a starting point for relevant people to contact.

How CBS Case Competition and Capgemini Denmark work together

Capgemini Denmark partnered with CBS Case Competition and provided pro bono assistance in customizing Salesforce to their business processes and information need. Besides customization of the application user and system administrator training was arranged to ensure an optimized use and maintenance of the solution.

CBS Case Competition had from the beginning great expectations to the partnership with Capgemini Denmark and CRM setup. These expectations was not only met but exceeded!

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